I am pleased to be able to offer an inexpensive colour profiling service for those who'd like to improve the colour accuracy of their photographic prints.  While this service is intended primarily for users of PhotoPrint / Gutenprint, I will be pleased to create profiles for users of other programs and systems.

As well as regular A4 and Letter sized papers, I can handle more challenging formats, including 6x4 photo paper, and inkjet printable CDs  and DVDs.

The Colour Profiling Service now has a new home

Download a Profiling Kit:

Download the appropriate Profiling Kit, print out the profiling target, and mail it to me, along with payment for the indicated amount.  Detailed instructions are included with each kit.
(All kits will be used to generate RGB profiles unless otherwise stated.)

A4 Paper
(1 page, 400 patches, Charge for profiling: £15, $25, €25)  Download

Letter Paper
(1 page, 368 patches, Charge for profiling: £15, $25, €25)  Download

Compact Disc / DVD - labels or printable discs.
(2 pages, 144 patches, Charge for profiling: £20, $30, €30)  Download

For anything else, including profile generation for odd sized and shaped media, or for CMYK profiles, please contact me to discuss your needs!

Other downloads:

Density Check strip:  Use this to verify that your printer settings are correct for the medium you're using.  (Print this and check for ink-bleeding problems.) Download

TestCard image - a montage of various photographs, along with greyscale, HSV rainbow and ColorChecker patches.   Download