Airlink Driver



AMRVoxel - a 3D racing game engine
for 68K and PowerPC Amigas

ScreenshotThis project was started many moons ago, and was originally intended to be a fully-fledged commercial release.  Unfortunately, events conspired and this was not to be.

It became obvious during the development of this project that the 68030 processor I was using at the time was nowhere near powerful enough to make something like this playable. At the time, the first PowerPC accelerator cards had been released for the A4000 and A1200, but I was reluctant to spend such a large amount of cash on an aging machine that would be difficult to repair or replace should it die...

Then CU-Amiga magazine and Phase 5 (makers of the CyberStorm PPC and Blizzard PPC cards) ran a competition, in which the developers of the five most deserving projects would be given a PPC card, on the proviso that their project would be ported to the PowerPC processor within a year.

AMRVoxel was submitted to this competition, and was a winner!

Unfortunately the prizes were never awarded.

During the coming months, Gateway (or whoever owned the Amiga brand at the time!) made their shock announcement that the PowerPC processor wasn't going to feature heavily in the Amiga's future after all, which I'm sure dissuaded a lot of people from buying a PowerPC card, and after several months with no progress, the magazine was closed.

In the meantime, I wasn't going to buy a PowerPC card if there was still a chance I would be given one!

The end result of this fiasco is that I never owned a PowerPC card for my old A4000/030; depite this, I was able to produce a port of AMRVoxel, using a friend's card.  The result is available for download below, along with a 68K version.

Needless to say, the project is now dead, and since the techniques used within don't translate too well to modern 3D hardware on PCs, I'm unlikely to resurrect it for the forseeable future.

Download  the most recent version.  Contains 68K and PPC binaries  -  780k